Truth be told. The IRS loves you! No joke. Why do I say that? Simple, you’re in business for yourself. The IRS code has tons of juicy tax deductions that are only available for business owners.

These deductions can add up to tens of thousands of dollars in tax savings. It’s almost unfair for the regular taxpayer who is NOT in business for themselves. However, there’s a problem, the IRS doesn’t just automatically take those deductions for you. They won’t apply them to your tax return if forgot or didn’t know how to claim them. As a business owner, it’s your responsibility to know which tax deductions are available and how to apply them for your personal gain.

The method for implementing these deductions is known as tax planning. It’s a proactive process that identifies, quantifies, and explains each of the tax strategies for your specific situation. The tax planning process results in savings of tens of thousands of dollars. It’s a proprietary approach that’s been developed over years of experience working with our small business clients.

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Our Outsourced CFO Service provides small and medium size companies the opportunity to work with senior finance executives for a fraction of the cost of a full-time employee.  Our advisors have a wealth of experience with company strategy, improving performance, enhancing financial reporting, financial modeling and forecasting, mergers and acquisitions, cash flow management, and creating shareholder value.

Our services remove the barrier of paying a full-time CFO without sacrificing the unique contributions that a finance executive can bring to a business.  It also allows the business owner to reclaim his focus on the business instead of spending so much time worrying about finances.

The services we provide is an investment that will pay dividends as we improve your profits and increase your cash flow.

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Don’t give away your hard-earned money to the IRS or state tax authority. Let’s schedule some time to review your tax situation and make sure you don’t overpay the IRS.