Small business owners experience a wide variety of challenges. These challenges include generating sales, managing employees, choosing healthcare, government regulations, accounting, managing cash, tax compliance and much more. Each of these complex decisions have an impact on the bottom line and the ability of the business owner to build wealth.

As an advisor, we guide our clients through each of these challenges. We are experts in tax, finance and accounting, and we use our financial expertise for the benefit of our clients.

Our passion includes making sure that each of our clients are paying the least amount of taxes possible. We are also passionate about providing high quality Outsourced CFO services to growing companies.


Are you overpaying in taxes?  Only 30% of small business owners believe they’re overpaying.  The truth is that the actual percentage is much higher.  Over the last decade, we’ve evaluated hundreds of business and the actual number is as high as 90%.  That means that nine out of ten business owners are overpaying in taxes, regardless of whether or not they are already working with an overpriced accountant.

It’s sad, but no surprise.  The federal tax code is more than 70,000 pages long.  Without a production-minded accountant who specializes in tax savings, it’s impossible to identify and implement all of the applicable tax strategies.  It’s not that your accountant is incompetent, uninformed or negligent. They just may not have had the proper training or had enough time to provide these strategies to you.  Our firm specializes in tax planning; we put an end to overpaying on taxes.

The best taxes are the taxes that you don’t have to pay.

How We Do It  


Our firm distinguishes ourselves through superior education, training and experience.  Each year we train with the top tax planners, tax attorneys, and CPAs in the country to stay on the cutting edge of tax planning.  We also spend hundreds of hours each month educating ourselves on the complicated tax code to determine the best strategies for our clients.  Our approach isn’t to fight the system but leverage its intricacies for the benefit of the business owner and high net worth individuals.

Our approach is to evaluate every aspect of your financial situation and create a plan that minimizes your tax liability. Our proven tax planning reviews your deductions, legal entity structure, retirement, insurance, loopholes, recent regulatory changes, niche specific strategies, and advanced planning strategies.  We guarantee that we will save you money in taxes or we won’t take the engagement.

How We Do It  



President and Founder

Professional Experience

Eric Aragon is the President and Founder of Aragon Accounting Corp. He is responsible for leading the firm and positioning it for continued growth and expansion. He is a trusted advisor and well-known for his ability to strategize and simplify the complexities of the tax code.

Prior to founding the firm, Eric worked as a Controller, VP of Finance and Chief Financial Officer in various industries. Eric also worked with Deloitte and Touche San Diego where he worked on a public REIT, hedge fund, advertising, government contractors, casino and other companies. He left the corporate world to focus on making a difference with small business owners.


  • Brigham Young University, Utah – Bachelor of Science, Finance 
  • San Diego State University – Master of Accountancy

Professional Affiliations

  • American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA)
  • California Society of CPAs (CalCPA)

Personal Note

Some folks are colorful and gregarious. Some prefer the seclusion and focus of black and white numbers on a page. And some, like Eric, have the rare capacity to combine both. When Eric’s not pouring over spreadsheets or IRS code, he’s listening to 90’s grunge rock, spending a day at the beach, or enjoying the outdoors with his family. Eric’s keen objectivity is an invaluable asset. He’s a great leader, communicator and trusted advisor.

Community Involvement

Boy Scouts of America
Elsinore Valley Thunder, Coach
Corona High School, Football Coach